Neolith, by the Spanish company ‘’the Size’’, is a sintered compact surface with thickness starts from only 3 mm and dimensions up to 3,6 x 1,2 meters. Its unprecedented features and its unique design make it a perfect solution for unlimited applications ranging from the kitchen countertop to the exterior building facades.

It belongs to a modern category of products, blooming in the last decade in order to meet the demanding requirements of modern architecture and decoration.

Neolith presents high hardness and scratch resistance, while it has also resistant to high temperatures, frost, thawing and UV radiation. Its high resistant to the several acids and stains, make it ideal for use in kitchens countertops. It is 100% natural and recyclable material.

The material is available in several finishes.

The Neolith won the prize for “Innovative Material of 2014” by Architectural Products magazine in the category “Tops”.

The Neolith has 10 years warranty regarding its use in kitchen counters.

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